Now I would like to go backpacking

2003-09-16 - 10:11 a.m.

So --

I stayed home yesterday, mostly to go to the grocery store (I did) and move the roses (I moved one), but I was also really tired. Yawn.

Sunday was the hideous Solano Stroll -- a huge street fair nearby, which is sort of fun, but also sort of hot and crowded and -- mostly crowded. Nora went by herself with two of her friends, and met up with others. Maddy went with me, and then ran into a friend. They had fun --

We went out to dinner with the parents of one of Nora's friends, and it turns out that her mother's law partner went to my highschool (I think he was probably a year or so younger than me) and their old office manager was a good friend of mine that I'd lost track of as soon as we graduated. Very funny. We were in photography together. We weren't very very close, but we all went over to his house before the senior prom and had dinner. I liked him a lot. I suspected he was gay, and his mother sent him out to San Francisco State, which made me think she probably suspected, too. Anyway -- I've wondered what he was up to over the years, and it turns out he's lived here, and just a year ago he moved to Los Angeles to be closer to a kid he either had or is having with a lesbian couple.

How completely odd that E's mother should know him.

Anyway -- it's taking me a while to get back into the swing of things after vacation. Vacation is a wondeful thing. Mostly, I notice that I have very little interest in talking to anybody. Usually I am chatty ehough, and can talk to almost anyone. But lately, I just don't seem to be able to muster the interest.

Also, I miss my mother and Lynn. One thing in particular I miss about them is that they share chores. I sort of feel bad about abandoning the kids to go off and exercise for an hour, but with my mother or Lynn around, that wouldn't be a problem.


I think I need some tea.

I also really want to figure out a way to go sailing --

Okay. Bye.

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