Deep thoughts

2003-09-17 - 12:52 p.m.


I had planned all sort of things to say, but that was hours ago, and now I can't remember them.

-We've been listening to non-stop they might be giants at my house.

-I'm going to ride my bike everyday and become very very tough. I have almost turned the corner, but not quite. I've divided the most horrible hill into thirds, which helps somewhat. Now I'm trying to decide which third is most horrible, but they each have their very bad aspects.

- Mimi is adopting a baby and has named her Nora. !!!

- Our own Nora is feeling better. Maddy was very upset last night because she is not the best at anything. It's sort of hard for me to know what to say. Finally I told her that it's pretty hard to be the very best at anything. I'm certainly not the best at anything. I think the important thing is to find things you like doing, and then just do them.

I think that's actually true.

I think Maddy and Nora have both inherited my non-competitive genes, which is probably too bad for them. I'm just about the least competitive person in the universe (see! I'm best at that --).

Which I'm sure this has hindered me in life, but on the other hand -- I was thinking about this other parent I know who's a lawyer, doing very well. But she has to travel all the time -- I don't think I would actually like that. I sort of like to be home, pottering around --


I think that may be all --

Plus, I'm hungry and need to eat lunch.


Oh -- I can tell you why I don't like Ann Perry.

1. All the characters' feet hurt, all the time. Not good.

2. Too much mushiness -- people always longing for their partners. Blech.

3. Stupid and inbelievable plots that come flying out of nowhere.

You know, of course, that she's one of those girls from the movie Heavenly Creatures. Apparently they had made up this whole romantic other world -- I sort of feel like her mysteries come from that world.

So -- there you go.

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