2003-09-18 - 11:21 a.m.


Nora is back to her normal self, snarling in the morning.

Actually, that book by Sharon Kay Penman is better than I suspected. It's a bit mushy, but it seems to have a basis in fact. It must have required an enormous amount of research.

It's warming up again --

I can imagine a time when riding to work will not exhaust me completely, but I'm not there yet --


Okay. Serious stuff to do here. Very serious.



Oh -- Nora and her friends watched High Fidelity this weekend and did not like it at all. They're a Nick Hornby fanclub. They did not approve of moving the story to Chicago. "Well," I said, "I guess they were trying to make it more accessible to an American audience." "Yeah," said Emma, "to people who haven't read the book." They didn't like the accents, and they felt that Laura was all wrong, and Laura's friend Liz, too. They're right -- Laura in the book is definitely a brown-haired person, and in the movie she's some skinny blonde --

So -- there you have it.

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