2003-09-22 - 9:27 a.m.


It's hot here.

I had to spend yesterday at traffic school. While miserable, it was not as miserable as other traffic schools I have attended. Sometimes, the instructor is the kind of hapless individual who often teaches high school health, do you know what I mean? A complete moron, but nice enough so that would feel bad about completely ignoring him. This guy was not exactly a comedian, but had mildly interesting stories, plus he'd been a truck driver for 30 years.

It's better if you get someone who actually knows something. I had a cop, once, and he was the best.

Anyway, but it was still miserable. But it's done.

I'm afraid little else is new -- I moved the rosebushes to the back yard, and now I've got to get Mr. Lee to come and dig up the back yard so I can actually plant them there.

I didn't ride my bike in today, but I think I am definitely fitter than I was. So I'll ride again tomorrow.

To tell the truth, it was ind of nice to get to work and not be a sweatball, and to be hear WITH MY TEA by 9:00.

But that's good, actually --

Oh -- I have nothing else to say. Or, I have other things, but maybe I'll come back.



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