2003-09-29 - 12:29 p.m.


I'm actually freezing. I was boiling before, and I assumed it would be warm today, so I left my sweater at home. Rats.

Sort of a hectic weekend. Mostly I think I didn't get enough sleep.

We have plans to go backpacking, but the problem is, we have things to do for the next two weekends, which means we'd go the weekend after, by which time it will be kind of cold --

Feh. I thought life would be less hectic with no soccer. It is, but it's still busy.

What else --

Maddy spent Saturday night with her friend Samantha. Nora had to watch movies with Indians in them -- a new one, and an old one. So we watched Last of the Mohicans, with Daniel Day-Lewis, and Stagecoach. They were both kind of good, actually. Both really good, actually. The Indians barely appear in Stagecoach, actually, while they make up

about half the action of the Last of the Mohicans. It's interesting in both, though, that they've got their own agendas -- in LOTM, the Hurons and the Mohawks appear to have been at war since long before the English and the French showed up. Even in Stagecoach, there's a Cheyenne Indian who is said to "hate the Apaches." But really, in Stagecoach, the Indians could have been replaced by any natural disaster and the plot would have remained unchanged.

What else -- I rode my bike to the library. My brother did not come over to look at our driveway extension. I spoke to my mother about my niece -- there's quite a bit of drama involving her and college. Apparently her father doesn't want her to go -- She's very smart. She's also a very good girl, and her parents are divorced, and the word is that she tries to keep them both happy, which is pretty much impossible. I cannot see why her father would not want her to go to college -- He seems to want her to take a year off, or go to some crappy school because a) she doesn't know what she wants to do (she's 17 for crying out loud -- how would she know? that's why kids go to college!) and b) she's apparently thinking of becoming a teacher, and there's no reason to get an Ivy League education just to be a teacher. (!!!! the mind boggles.)

Anyway -- he is my stepfather's son -- so my mother is completely up in arms, although she sort of has no say, but is very fond of my niece. My friend Lynn went to look at Brown with her. Emails flying to and fro -- Great excitement.

Ohh -- I think I need to go eat lunch now.


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