2003-09-30 - 10:02 a.m.

Oh my aching head!

On the one hand, the weather is pretty glorious. It's beginning to feel like fall, and I'd forgotten how much I like fall. I stopped by the Cheeseboard this morning, which is a sort of coop that sels cheese, but also, in the mornings, pastries. Good ones. It seemed very fall-like all of a sudden, in the warm bakery with the outside a bit colder, and people starting to get bundled up. A woman in front of me had two small kids buying some kind of muffin with chocolate chips. The woman was reminding them of her dead grandmother, who had liked chocolate --

And this weekend, Nora turned on KALX, the college station, which was broadcasting a football game and suddenly, miraculously, California beat USC. Neither Nora nor I care at all about football, but it was sort of exciting.

And I think we're going backpacking this weekend, where it's bound to be crisp and cold and full of changing leaves.

On the other hand -- annoying things abound, like worrying about high schools (should we? should we just send her to the almost local public school with the excellent and horrible at the same time reputation? should we just decide that now and leave it at that? I think maybe so), and worrying about things at work, and things at home and licence plates and tickets.

I think I should just say Bah to them -- Bah, bah, bah.

Soon it will be cold enough for fires in the fireplace, and I can't wait.

Okay. That is all.

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