2003-10-03 - 10:50 a.m.

So --

Our car is now sporting 2 (two) licence plates, so that bit of rampant and terrifying lawlessness (I mean, where we drove around with one licence plate) is over, and you can all feel safe now.

Nora got her ERB scores, and she seems to have an appalling lack of knowledge about the parts of speech. Hmmm. She did really well on vocabulary, though. She didn't do so well on geometry, which is sort of surprising, since she's had a lot of geometry.

Since the summer, and since I've been riding my bike, I've been wearing a lot of skirts. I'm not sure why -- they just seem more comfortable, and they are lighter to carry with me to work. I think my legs don't like being wrapped up in long pants. This is all fine, except it means having to shave my legs, like, all the time. Which I just don't have time for. I thought this problem was solved when it got to be cold enough for tights, and it is, except today I am wearing a skirt, and tights, and a sleeveless shirt. Needless to say, I'd forgotten about the armpits. Ugh.

Just thought everyone needed to know.

Soon I will be cold, and I'll put my sweater on, and no one will ever know that I have hairy armpits.

I had to type up two essays for Maddy this morning. One was about a day in her life. The other was about a time she got lost. She did, in fact, get lost. We were cross-country skiing in Mt. Lassen and we'd come out to the road, and she was poking along as usual. The rest of us went to the car to load up, and when we came back she was GONE! Then, as she puts it, it started to snow.

It was pretty terrifying. I was sure she had wandered back into the woods where she would freeze to death before being eaten by wolves or bears or opossoms. But then I found little footprints leading down the road, and I followed them, and there she was, in the entrance booth with the ranger, eating the chocolate bar from his lunch! She hadn't seen the parking lot, because it was behind a big snowbank, and she'd thought we'd left without her.

"I don't think so," the ranger had said.

Okay -- got to go.

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