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2003-10-06 - 10:09 a.m.


This is what I did this weekend.


Went to thrifttown to find Nora some pants. Found three pairs. She told me she was trying to find a pair of lucky pants, like the ones in the book Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. !! How funny.

Found some pants for Maddy, too, but she did not want them. "I don't like to wear clothes that have been worn by other people," she said. I bought them anyway and am going to try to spring them on her as pants that were once Nora's, or something. They were 2.00, so if she doesn't buy it, it's no great loss.

Took Nora to meet a friend to go skating, then Maddy and I went to Ikea to buy a dresser for her and a rug for Nora's room. Found a better desk for Nora's room than the one she had wanted to buy. Now the dresser is sitting in two boxes in the living room.

Kevin came home and we all went to see School of Rock, which was quite good-natured. Kevin loved it. It was quite an event. We went to the 8:00 show, and the whole place was packed with families -- not quite like going to see Nemo, because the families were older. Sort of the Nemo crowd 8-10 years on. It was very sweet.

Sunday -- we didn't do much, but I finally went to the lumber yard and bought a piece of plywood and had them cut it up to make shelved for Nora's room. It was amazingly easy, and why we have lived in our house for 9 years without doing this simple thing is beyond me. Nora also peeled the horrible contact paper our of the cabinet part of the shelves. There's perfectly decent finished wood under the contact paper -- another case of why?

Anyway -- so the shelves went up, and a bunch of stuff got off Nora's floor, and some attempt was made at getting Nora's stuff out of Maddy's room --

So I guess it was pretty productive.

Friday night, Nora and I went to some meeting about this 8th grade trip to Washington, which since we didn't quite know how it works, Nora may not get to go on. Then Nora and three of her friends went to a dance for 40 minutes. And Nobody slept over! A miracle.

I think if the DC thing doesn't work out, we may all plan to do some other exciting thing -- our family and S's family and E's family. May be tricky, since it will overlap with Maddy's birthday, and since that's when we normally go skiing --


Aren't you glad you know all this?

I actually have to go do something. Ugh.


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