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2003-10-10 - 3:02 p.m.

Have you been wondering where I am?


Yesterday I chaparoned a field trip to the Chabot space center. It was fun, actually. The kids were basically good, the parents fun to hang out with, and actually, it was interesting. The exhibits were good, and so was the planetarium show. There's a movie about galaxies. The best thing, actually, was this map thing. You type in an address, and it finds it, and shows you your house! I typed in my mom's address, and you could see the map roll by, all across the country, to Massachusetts. The country is quite large, and mostly dry. But then it found the point, and the dock. It looks like they've taken the floating docks out of the water, and all the boats are out of the little basin. You could even see waves, and a few boats that were out in the harbor. Amazing.

Then we had a class on computers. I think the point of that was that there is an amazing amount of information about space available on the web. We looked at my mom's house again, and Jupiter from several angles. It really is amazing. It's all real time.

The teacher was quite snippy, though. Janet (another mom) and I agreed. You sort of forget what it's like to be iin school, and to be treated like a -- well, to be treated like a rude creature who's likely to go off at any second. She was asking them some question, which wasn't even clear at all (I didn't know what she was asking at first). Naturally none of them answered, although any one of them would have been happy to talk at length about the point she was trying to make, if asked in a civil fashion.

It made me more sympathetic to Nora's complaints about her social studies teacher last year.

Anyway -- then I went to the dentist, and it seems like the whole extraction/implant procedure, while sort of horrible, will be bearable, and also, the dentist seemed okay. Plus, while expensive, it won't be as bad as I was dreading.

Odd guy -- he talks to you, and he's wearing a sort of jeweller's light right in the middle of his forehead. It was on, too.

Then, today -- well, I went to a meeting. Then I met with the high school counselor about Nora. Berkeley High seems like a good choice. She'd have a good chance at some private high schools, but not others. But BHS seems like a good choice. So --

Then I went and showed the police that I DO have two licence plates. The policeman was quite nice.

Then, I went and bought two tents. One is warmer and more expensive. One is lighter and cheaper.

Why did I do it this way? I'm not quite sure, but it seemed to make sense at the time.

Okay, I have some xeroxing to do ---


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