Chilly with fog

2003-10-16 - 9:38 a.m.


It's the slightest bit chilly, but it will probably warm up, and I am here at my desk, and for the first day in forever I don't have anything I particlarly have to do today.

Lots of things to do, but nothing that's actually on the calendar.


I also haven't read my bike yet this week, which means I'm feeling creaky in that way you do when you've been exercizing, and then you don't.

So tomorrow I will. Tomorrow there's really not much to do either, except meet someone for lunch.

I'm reading all these journals of people who have gone off to graduate school, and it makes me wistful. I could do it, too, you know. The kids are getting older, and I could be one of those returning students. I might like it -- I'm better at most things now that I'm older, and I thnk I'd be better at being a graduate student.

The question is, in what? Would I do literature again? Hmmm. Law school? The other day I was thinking about psychology.

It feels luxurious to think about it, because I could, but I don't have to.

Anyway --

Today Maddy had to bring in cookies for the special 6th grade/1st grade lunch, and then she's going to a movie about spelling bee's downtown with the sixth grade and one of the teachers. It's very nice -- it's a nice thing for her. There was a slight crisis because she was supposed to bring in 10 homemade chocolate chip cookies, but we just really didn't have time for that, and then when I went to the grocery store they did not have any of those pseudo-homemade cookies either, so I bought sugar cookies that look like pumpkins. She was quite worried that theywould be all wrong, but then it turned that Simone forgot, and didn't bring in the other 10 chocolate chip cookies, so the fact that there were over 20 pumpkin cookies was now a good thing, and not a terrible thing.


And Nora was studying last night for a test on the territorial expansion of the US. I like her new social studies teacher very much -- she seems smart, and she's taught for a while, and it seems that she's keeping them busy, but it's all stuff they can do. Last year, I think there was a fair amount of them not understanding what she wanted them to do, plus long stretches of boredom.

Oh, and I think my niece is applying early decision to Davidson. I think this may be a very good decision. It seems like a very good school. It's close to where her mom lives. It sounds like she might be happy there. She'd looked at Brown, but then her father got all bent out of shape about Brown in particular, for some reason. And it's closer to his house. It might be good for A. to be somewhere close to her mother -- and it seems, from my brief reading of the website, like it might be a nice place for her.

Sort of a relief, actually.

Okay. That is all.

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