2003-10-17 - 4:08 p.m.

Very very busy!

Don't know what's gotten into us, but we're having a collegial atmosphere here at work and it's kind of nice.

Barbara and I are going to take over the world. Linda is going to egg us on.

25 years ago on Oct. 20, I asked Kevin if he wanted to to go for a walk and he said yes, and we wandered down to Fox Point, where we swang on the swings and then drank a few 85 cent beers (in milk glasses) and then further down to the Met Cafe, where we proceeded to get pretty drunk. Then we had to walk back up the hill, but first we had to get out of some parking lot -- I remember climbing over a chain link fence in my grey wool skirt and red wool turtleneck, with my tights and my clarks wallabies. It was dark before we made it back up, and I remember rolling around a bit and professing undying love in some traffic circle, and arriving back home covered with leaves. We stood in the kitchen, and I think Jeanne said she was going to hear some Blues singer -- oh, god, I can't quite remember the name. Mama something -- No, Koko Taylor.

So we're going out to dinner tomorrow night.

Otherwise -- things proceed as usual.

Oh -- I've started Storyteller's daughter by Saira Shah, and I like it.

Bye then.

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