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2003-10-21 - 11:18 a.m.

So --

I rode my bike in, today. I didn't all last week, and I was feeling sort of sluglike. The amazing thig is that it was actually easier today than it's ever been. I guess the break was a good thing. Backpacking, too, I think.

Kevin is cheerier than he has been. He grumbled, but said maybe he'd go backpacking again. We can take an easier hike, actually, and end up close to where we went last time. Might be kind of fun --

The weather is gorgeous -- still warm, but with a bit of a chill, and blue skies. Although today it's kind of hazy.

But nice weather to bike in.

Working at the book fair was fun yesterday. Brought out my inner bossiness. I used to be a cashier at a Howard Johnson's motel in the summers when I was in high school. So I'm good at cashing out --

Nora's been studying packages about years abroad. There's a really nice program that goes to Spain or Italy. She's also been reading Salinger's 9 stories. She likes A Perfect Day for Banana Fish. Although it is sad. She read it, and After the War with the Eskimos to me last night. Funny to hear them again -- I read them all when I was 15.

There's a theory I've read lately that Salinger was actually sort of ruined by the war. That he suffered some trauma that he never quite got over. If you look at a Perfect Day, for instance, or even Eskimos, in the light of that theory, it makes a certain amount of sense.

They're still pretty great stories.

A woman who was the learning specialist at Maddy's school last year (she isn't now, because her son is now in first grade there. Interestingly enough, not in Maddy's old class. Hmmm.) was telling me about a girl from another school who went to the local high school -- the one Nora wants to go to. Anyway, she liked the math and science, and even the flakey social living class they have to take instead of history, but she was having a really hard time with English, because they were reading a horrible book -- the one with Holden Caulfield?

She didn't like all the swearing. And it seemed to be about nothing.


Okay, then.

Got to go.

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