don't worry thomas

2003-10-23 - 9:08 a.m.


It's Thursday, and I'm tired. I've been staying up too late, and I had to get up early to tidy the house up a little bit for the cleaning lady.

Nora wants to go to a concert. I'm not so sure it's a good idea. Hmmm. It's at a place that lets in "all ages," but still --

I suppose I should eat breakfast, but at the moment it seems like too much trouble.

Oh! Kevin dinished putting Maddy's new dresser together last night. It's actually sort of ugly, but it's bigger, and it was fairly cheap.

I have plans to put the old one in the basement and put all the photographs in it. Does that seem insane? I'm looking at it as the way we can start moving all the excess crap out of our house --

And there is a Halloween complication. The girls always go out with the neighbors, but this year Nora has a party to go to (the oldest neighbor is invited, too), so what should Maddy do? I'm thinking she should invite friends over. She's not completely friendly with the younger neighbor girl.

I sort of have feelings about this. Nora is so good about including the girl across the street. I mean, she's invited to E.'s party and E. barely knows her. I think Nora probably asked E. to invite her.

Well, it's good, actually -- it means Nora is a good kid. And she really is --

Okay, then.


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