2003-10-24 - 2:17 p.m.

So --

So, I'm about to go get a cup of coffee.

It's Friday, and it's hot outside, and I just ate a big lunch, and I'm really sleepy.

Just found out that Maddy may have to take a standardized test to get into middle school. I think I need to get her evaluated so she can have extra time, but I probably don't have time to do that before she'd have to take the test.

Oh dear -- well, they know her, and know me. Maybe she could take the test, and I could offer other proofs of her innate smartness. ??

If it hadn't been a surprise, I could have done something -- like gotten her evaluated, had her prepare for the test --

Oh dear oh dear.

I looked at the sample test. How is it that something I am so good at (taking standardized tests) is something that would completely freak her out. It's funny -- I sort of like those tests. They're like puzzles, but easy ones. Each question is like a little nut to crack.

I guess it's just the way my brain is set up.

Too bad they don't want her to draw a picture of the different kinds of gallaxies, or what's inside a cell. Part of it is a reading issue. She'll read those words out of context and not know what they are, when if she heard them, or saw them in a sentence, she would know them.

The bad score is one thing. Another is how freaked out by the whole thing she'll be.


Okay -- coffee, and then clearing off this desk.


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