2003-11-06 - 9:53 a.m.


Teachers' conference yesterday.

All nice things, except that Maddy is still too slow.

Well, yes, she is slow. Except she's a lot faster at home than she used to be.

It seems to me that in middle school, you do a lot more of your work at home. So maybe that will all work out.

It's going to be an adjustment, but actually, I think she's ready for it.

I also think I'm going to ask her math teacher to write her a recommendation, too. You really only need two, and the head teacher and the director will each write one, but I think her math teacher has a good sense of what she's like (moreso, perhaps, than the director) and he will write a good letter.

The director, another mother and I have come to suspect, has the unfortunate habit of pigeon-holing. This one is the one that causes no trouble. This one is the softball jock. Since that other one is the softball jock, this one can't also be a softball jock. Maddy is the sensitive, slow, artistic one, which sort of precludes her actually being good at math -- you see what I mean.

The director also has the idee fixe that Middle School B is not as rigorous as Middle School A. However, we now have evidence to the contrary, so I'm not going to put up with such nonsense any more.


[I actually like the director. Really.]

And it's warmer today, and I haven't ridden my bike all week, because I've been feeling sick and lazy and because I've had wired broken days all this week. But it's got to stop. Maybe I can ride tomorrow.

And what else --

Oh, not much at all.

Okay, then, bye --

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