2003-11-14 - 10:08 a.m.

So I rode my bike in, and I feel almost human for the first time in weeks.

Well, since last Friday, I guess.

It's supposed to rain, but it might not, and also I have my old rowing rain jacket, which by some miracle still fits me, and it's perfect for cycling because it has a long back, you know?

So --

Here's the news:

Glowing teacher conference about Nora. They all love her, and think she's nice and smart. Plus, she is just so happy. I only hope that High School A isn't a horrible disappointment, undermining her self-esteem, etc. I don't think it will be, but one never know, and it is best to reserve SOMETHING to worry about even in times of pretty much happiness. I made Carmen put her in advanced Spanish, and Carmen says it was the best thing -- which also reassures me that I know my kids pretty well, and am not a nutcase that thinks they are smarter than they are.

Speaking of Nora, she's off in San Francisco with a gang of friends, armed with cell phones and strict instructions to call Katie's mother regularly. They're going shopping, and to luncha dn a movie, and then meeting Katie's mother and BARTing home with her. They BARTed over by themselves. Very fun.

And next week they're off to Yosemite.

Maddy was accepted to Middle School B, and the learning specialist from her elementary school says that's okay. (I think I discussed this already.) So that's good.

What else -- I'm wearing a slightly odd outfit -- it's hard to know quite how things will look when you pack them into panniers and then don't put them on until you get to work. So I have a sort of Sherwood Forest look going here, but it's actually not terrible.

I'm having a businessy type lunch, which kind of sucks, because it's businessy, but is kind of good because it's free.

And it's Friday, and I seem to have almost made it through the week, which belive me was looking kind of iffy on Wednesday.

So -- there you have it!

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