Friday, saints be praised

2003-11-21 - 11:01 a.m.

So --

It's Friday, and Maddy's book report on a biography of a woman from 6th century China (she didn't actually live in China, but where she lived is now in Guangdong) and diary entries from a fictional girl explorer running away from home with Ernest Shackleton to explore the South Pole -- all written and typed up and handed in.

Spelling test will be a disaster, but you can't have everything.

And Nora's up in Yosemite. It's a beautiful day here, so it's probably pretty nice up there, too. I doubt they got any snow --

And went to the thing last night for High School A. Looks good -- I'm worried about her getting lost in the shuffle, and I'm also worried about her coming home after school and not becoming a panhandler on Telegraph, but both those are things we can talk about before letting her go there. And it looks like two of her very best friends may very well go there, too, so --

That would be great.

Too bad she couldn't go, too --

I cannot believe that November is for all purposes over. How does this happen? It's early September and then it's Christmas, and there's apparently nothing in between.

Thanksgiving is at my aunt's house. She's been begging for years, so now we'll have to go there. It could be nice -- it's in Arizona, sort of up in the hills -- but she's a lunatic, and not really a very good cook. Frankly, I'm a little worried about food poisoning.

I'm just thinking -- she will never ever read this, right?

She's a thrifty sort of person. Thrift is not bad. Foodwise, my mother is fairly thrifty, too, and she's a very good cook.

But it does mean, with my aunt, that you will be eating a frozen turkey.

Oh, surely that will not kill me.

I think I might avoid the stuffing, though.

Actually, I was talking with a woman in my office about this, and about her terrible Thanksgiving plans, and she said -- you realize that all over America people are having this conversation.

Which is in fact true.

So probably I'll live.

But then Christmas will be upon us.

Oh dear god --


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