let it snow

2003-11-24 - 11:25 a.m.

Oh dear -- my sweaters are being eaten by moths.

Can I walk around in motheaten sweaters?

Well, I am , anyway.

And now I have to go to a stupid meeting.

I rode my bike, though. It's a little chilly here, and it's lovely to exercise out in the cold and then come in - a combination of warm insides and cold skin.

I have some ultracool new shoes -- they look like soccer cleats, sort of. But with no cleats.

They remind me of the beloved pumas I had when I was 18.

It was a weekend of watching all of pride and prejudice first with Maddy and then Nora, and making refrigerator magnets (Christmas presents), and fires in the wood stove and last night watching the Matrix, which Maddy did not like one bit (it made her think of death) but which Nora has seen a few times, and K and I had never seen it.

I kept wanting to go on a bike ride, but never did, but I did do laundry.

So there you have it --

Oh, we went to look at the local catholic high school, which is a popular option for lots of kids. Nora walked around stiffly -- "I'm not going here!" she said.

And it did look a little boring, and some rah rah cheerleader types met us at the front steps, and I think it would not be a very good place for her.

So we're aiming for High School A. She wants to go there, and I think it could be great. And she knows all the drawbacks.

So, good.

She didn't understand why it was terrible that Lydia ran away with Wickham. Well, I said, because he won't marry her, and then he'll dump her, and she'll have no income. It seems like it's about romance, but there's a cold economic reality here. And no one else will marry her, either.

Well, can't she get a job, then? she asked.

I think I remember that these were the things that annoyed me when I first read it in high school -- all this stupid nonsense about getting married.

It is interesting that such fragile and complicated societies get constructed in the first place, if you think about it.

It's sort of like languages, in a way. You start out with something precise and complicated like Latin, and in the end it turns into Spanish -- which is still complicated, but nowhere near as complicated.

Anyway --


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