Celebratory chocolate croissant

2003-11-25 - 10:12 a.m.


It's Nora's birthday. We're going out for Thai food with a couple of her friends. Then we're coming home and packing to go off to Phoenix. We gave her a Jack Skellington sweatshirt and a really nice pair of snowboard pants, and some pajama bottoms from Target. She wanted some really nice stripey socks from Macy's, and if I have time, I'll go and get them.

Actually, I contributed money to the local college station, and was supposed to get a sweatshirt in return, which was for her, but it hasn't appeared yet.

I suppose I should call and enquire.

I need to make a list of things I need to do:

-Buy pumpkin pies and bread for Maddy's school thing that we won't be at.

-Call neighbors to see if they'll watch cats.



-Call radio station



-Clean kitchen.

THat's not so terrible -- I think I must be leaving stuff out.

Ho hum.

Rode my bike again, and remembered that the second day is always much worse. Made good time, though. Still passed by many aging and indeed elderly people. How can this be?

I'm in the middle of Sense and Sensibility, still. (Actually, I was at the cafe yesterday and somebody else was reading it.)

I think it was her first novel, and I think you can tell. I also think the people in it may have made fun of people she actually knew --

These are my insights.

Okay, then.


[Happy Thanksgiving, by the way, because I doubt I'll write again until Monday. I will miss you!]

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