No snow.

2003-12-08 - 10:49 a.m.

So --

You probably want to know about the weather. Today is beautiful -- it's clear and cold. Still sort of damp from all the rain.

I certainly DON'T want to hear about all the places where there's tons and tons of snow lovely snow that people can go outside and play in. Snow that's causing schools to be closed and people to have to stay home. How very sad.

Yesterday I realized that I'm going to have a week at home over Christmas. I was sort of bemoaning the fact that we are going to Ann Arbor over New Years to see Kevin's family. It will be nice, it will be fun, but I was sort of wishing we wouldn't have to go anywhere. But then I remembered the Xmas week, and I felt better.

Also, we'll have a week in February.

So my current plan is to actually clean the kitchen (like, really clean it) and Maddy's room over Xmas, and then to paint Maddy's room in February. Hopefully we can do that, and also go skiing. Maddy wants to be home for her birthday, which is at the beginning of that week, so --

And what else. We had Isabel-the-neighbor-girl for the whole weekend, which was fun. She and Nora babysat a baby, who would not go to sleep, so I got to go over and put him to bed, which was fun. Oh, it was very fun. I can't help it -- I want another one. Or two. Hmmm.

And we finished out Xmas project, so now we just have to wrap it, and mail it. We made wine charms and refrigerator magnets for all the uncles and aunts. Yay us.

Sometime this week, we'll stop by the local toy store. We need toys for 3 nieces and a nephew on Kevin's side, and a niece and a nephew on my side (we've got a distribution system going in my family, since there are so many of us). Then there is also the issue of my brother Dan's kids, who are not in the system. They appear to celebrate the solstice, but not as a gift-giving occasion. Maybe we should just accept that.

Actually, I'm thinking for the girls that maybe it's time to move to a different kind of birthday celebration. For Nora's birthday, we went out to dinner and took a friend. Next year, we could do that and maybe invite Kevin's cousin and my brother. It's actually a lot more fun than having a million screaming kids around. Well, for me, at least.

Actually, I think Nora's best present came from a friend this year -- he gave her a deck of cards, some firecrackers and some incense.

So -- there you are.

And now I must go to a semi-dreadful meeting.


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