2003-12-12 - 10:57 a.m.

OKay, so it's kind of raining outside. It's looking like we're going to be cutting down a tree in the mud.


Christmas dinner preparations discussed with my brother. We'll eat at our house, or his house, and we're having prime rib. Apparently he made a turkey for thanksgiving and his boyfriend refused to eat any leftovers so he's not eating anymore turkey.

Okay --

Kevin's hoping it will be at our house, because then Dan will come and tidy up our yard. We can always hope.

And we're going to have fondue and then go to the awful party of doom on Christmas Eve.

So that's all set.

Finished one snake. Very cute, although somewhat small. Nora started the second one. She seemed quite excited about it. This is good.

Maddy is full of information about the ancient Celts from her report. Apparently, they believed it was very bad to be overweight. Interesting.

My mother reports that she is lying in bed with a cold. It sounds like heaven.

Strangely, our roses are blooming.

I'm looking forward to Ann Arbor, now. I hope it will be really really cold and snowy.

And I'm thinking maybe we can go skiing, just for the day, before we go.

Really, I have not time to be at work at all --

Bye, then.

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