2003-12-16 - 10:28 a.m.

Okay, I am home today.

I've got to get these packages mailed off, which involves being able to think clearly for at least half an hour. Somehow, that never seems to be possible when everyone is home.

Last night I left my jeans and my sweater (oh well, and my shirt and socks, too) in a heap on the floor because i was planning to wear at least some of those items again today. (Well, I had only been wearing them since I got home from work, so they really weren't technically dirty, if you know what I mean). But anyway, when I picked them up again this morning a big spider ran out! I took him outside and shook him out over the rosebush (this gives you some indication of the size of my house -- my bedroom is about three feet from the front door.)

I don't particularly like spiders, especially large ones, but i suppose it was warm and cozy in my sweater. It is cold here, actually. Cold enough for coats, which no one wears. I woke up with Nora in our bed, (She is 14, now.) Apparently the cat was sleeping on top of her covers, so she couldn't really pull them up al the way and she got cold and had to come sleep with us.

It is important that the cat should have undisurbed rest, you know.

So I should report that we have made three snakes, and I am halfway through another. I realy need to mail off the one I'm halfway through and another that hasn't been started yet, but I think we are actually doing alright with that project.

And did I tell you that Nora had decided to convert? She decided that she didn't like Christmas at all. It was overdone and stupid, and she much preferred Hanukkah. I'm actually quite sympathetic, so okay -- that's fine.

But then we got a tree and started knitting scarves and listening to the Christmas CD that Catie sent us last year and she changed her mind.

"Okay, this is a good Christmas," she said. "I guess I like Christmas after all."

Anyway -- I really do have to run, now -- I have important things to wrap up and get to the post office RIGHT AWAY.

Thank you --


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