2004-01-07 - 12:33 p.m.


I'm playing hookey today. I mean, I do still have a cold, but I probably could have dragged my self to work. Instead i am trying to combat the forces of total chaos that have grabbed my poor little house by the neck.

Or something.

So I'm about to go off to the post office to mail away some clothes my kids have grown out of.

then I'm going to tackle Maddy's room. I've already started in there, so it should be not completely impossble.

You know, we had the neighbors over for Christmas eve, with my brother and his partner, and my brother is deeply into those home-decor shows, and my neighbors are deeply into home decor. Anyway, the neighbor said something about how they were thinking of -- I don't know, Tr@ading Sp@aces for their house, and for mine, Cl@an Sw@@p.

I was actually pretty offended. I know the house is a total mess, but how can it be otherwise, barring me staying up until three every night cleaning, or giving up all pastimes except cleaning? I figured it was actually pretty nice of me to invite them over at all, especially since I don't even really like them very much.

Well, that's not quite fair. They're just a little boring.

Well, anyway, I was offended, and now I'm trying to clean up. But I can't tell you how envious I am of my sister-in-law (the nice one) who gets to stay home and not work.

Okay -- I'm off to the post office with these boxes.

Bye, then

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