And how

2004-01-13 - 10:44 a.m.

I've come back to say that I am freezing.

Also, I'm thinking about going to get a chocolate croissant, but I've just remembered that I have no money and have to go to the bank.


So I think I'll put it off a while.

I'm trying to think of important things to tell you.

Our house is tidier, and that is making life easier.

I'm knitting a mitten, and thinking about what to make next. I think possibly a baby blanket for my brother's newest, who is apparently a girl (hooray! they have two boys already) and is due in March.

I'm thinking about going skiing for the day next saturday.

Things are kind of under control at the moment. Well, sort of, any way.

I'm thinking that Maddy, who has been the world's sweetest child, may possibly become a grumpy teenager. She has pretty thin skin, which is what has made her very sweet, but which will certainly make her very miserable. Hmmm. Whereas Nora has a certain bloody-minded independence, which made her a royal pain as an 8 year old, but which is serving her well as a 14 year old.

We shall see.

The next step is to paint Maddy's bedroom so it's suitable for living.

Okay -- got to go.


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