2004-01-13 - 12:48 p.m.

One thing about here -- a cool thing about here, actually, is that you are constantly surrounded by people speaking different languages. Up here by campus, you might overhear the odd German or French or Japanese speaker, but in the world at large you are innundated with Spanish, Russian, and Asian languages I can't even identify. It's fun to a) identify them and b) try to figure out what they're saying. My year of Russian doesn't go far, but certain phrases I remember. Spanish is easier, maybe because I had more of it, and also because I've been helping with Nora's homework. I just overheard a conversation at the cafe. The lady wanted a bagel, but what could come with it? Cheese, they said. (They love it when old spanish-speaking ladies come up to talk to them, so both guys were helping her). What about this cheese and ham thing? No, that was a croissant. Did she want a croissant? No -- not a croissant. So cheese, then, and would she like a tomato? Yes, yes she would.

It makes me think I maybe could go to the home depot and get some guys to come home with me and build the backyard fence. Quiero creer un -- (I'd have to look up the word for fence.) Quiero construir un fence. Quiero que Uds. construir (or would you conjugate that?) un fence. Gracias.


In other news, I went to the bookstore and got Huckleberry Finn for Nora and some James Fennimore Cooper for myself.

Okay, then.

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