2004-01-14 - 12:05 p.m.

Hey hey!

I'm here, just busy.

And plus, now I'm hungry.

So I think I'll go have some lunch.

Hey -- I'm making a blanket for my brother's new baby, who is due in March, and who will apparently be a girl. She will have two older brothers, so I was thinking pink. But I started knitting up a pink blanket and I began to wonder if it wasn't too pink.

Sometimes girls with older brothers don't really get into the whole pink thing.

I have to go back to get a different needle, so maybe I'll see if there's another option that would be good. I'm using two different pinks at once -- a light one and a darker one. Maybe it would be better if I replaced one with white? Or maybe some other color all together?

It is very hard to know, given that the baby is not even here yet. Will her mother dress her in lots of pink, or will she be violently opposed to the color?

Hmm - I guess I could find that out --

At the moment, it might actually be all right. It looks a little peppermint-y. Like ice cream, you know? Which could be good, or not --


In other news, my mittens are finished. They are quite beautiful.

And now I think I really had better go eat.


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