Crabbiness expounds

2004-01-15 - 10:26 a.m.


I'm tired and crabby. I had to clean up the house for our putative cleaning lady (she seems to have gone AWOL for the past three weeks -- this happens some times -- but maybe this time it's permanent!) and I'm tired and I didn't really get to eat breakfast --

Waah waah waah.

Also, I'm beginning to think people lie:

1. A woman I know is 44 and pregnant, and now she acts like -- oh, it just happened. Like it could happen to anyone. Hah. I doubt it. Egg donation for sure is my conclusion. Just happened my ass.

2. Out of district transfers. A woman I know has a sophomore at a certain public school because the transfer just came through. Hah. I doubt it. Borrowed address for sure.

These are my conclusions. You can make your own.

Bye --

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