pink blanket

2004-01-16 - 9:55 a.m.


It's a little chilly here (although not 10 below!) Nora has no school, so slept over at Emma's house, and Maddy and I slept in until 8. !!! Partly it's Kevin's fault. He woke me up at 6 to inquire after his t-shirts. I guess I am the laundry go-to person. I went down and found what was in the dryer (do not ask why I am the one who must do this). Then I went back to sleep, which made it harder to get up at any reasonable hour.

So --

Hey -- I've been knitting. (I told you this, right?) Over the holidays I made a whole bunch of those snakey scarves (which were a big hit with my nieces and nephew -- you can wear them as belts to practice aikido; you can tuck them into your pants and they make fine tails; they can also be snakes nesting in the magazine rack. Very versatile.) And a hat and a pair of mittens. Plus got my sister-in-law to show me how to do color knitting. So now I'm working on a baby blanket for a new niece, and making plans for other things. There's a basket of bargain yarn at the yarn store which is nice norwegian wool in colors I think Maddy would like. So I'm contemplating what to do with that. By the time I'm done, it may be all gone. Hmmm.

Anyway. It reallyu is chilly here. I think I'm off to get some tea.


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