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2004-01-20 - 12:57 p.m.

Oh, and lord of the rings.

well, it was okay.

-- i've never really liked the music.

-- i've never been able to figure out a good reason for one of merry and pippen to have a scottish voice and the other not.

-- i wish elizha wood did not have to give me that soulful look all the time.

-- i wish i liked the way sam looked more than i do. Couldn't he be just a little bit cute?

Otherwise, it was pretty good. I liked Eowyn's big moment. I liked Aragorn.

Actually, I liked the first one the best, and the others are okay. But I saw the first one before I reread the books, and it made the books seem better, but the second and third did not have that effect and I'm not quite sure why.

I do think that VM is the best part of them.

Okay. That's really all then.

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