2004-01-20 - 10:25 a.m.

So --

It was a nice weekend, although we did not go skiing. My clever idea was to slip away just for a day, but people were too tired and had too much work and ...

So we didn't. It certainly made for a more relaxing weekend. Maddy went to the movies with friends on Saturday. I went to my knitting workshop on Saturday morning. Nora and I went to see Lord of the Rings, finally, at 9:00 on Saturday night. !! I took down the tree and we went out to dim sum on Sunday, plus Nora went ice skating and for dinner with a friend who was celebrating a birthday. Maddy and I went to by the Sims Unleashed while Nora did that, and also stopped at Williams Sonoma to get chocolate fondue pots for her birthday party (!!!). So that was all quite successful. I even loaded the Sims, although not in the right place, so Nora came home and moved it to the right place (everyone was very kind and resisted freaking out, which I attribute to my good influence as a parent.) The girls played the Sims. Monday -- Nora had lots of homework, which she did, and then basketball practice, which she went to, and while she did that, Maddy and I went and got a new pair of sneakers (really really cute red suede converse allstars, sort-of) and they came with a free sweatshirt (!!!) which she loves and was desperately in need of. !!!

So it is a little hard to see how we could have fit a day of skiing in there without missing other important things --

As is always the problem.

And I did 87 loads of laundry, and, did I mention, took down the tree. Although the ornaments are still scattered all over the coffee table.

I am working on this baby blanket for my sister in law. At first I was a little worried that it would be too pink. I'm making it with baby wool, which is very fine, but two strands of it at once, one in a pale pink and one in a dark pink. It's actually really nice, and it feels really nice, and I think it's going to be a lovely cozy blanket. But I'm realizing that it's a huge amount of work. One of the knitting books I have mentions that you should never give knitted goods requiring a huge amount of work to non-knitters, because they willl have no idea of what a pain said garment was to knit. Hmmm. I mean, it's possible my sister in law will think it's too pink, or something trivial like that, and never ever use it.

Oh god, I hope not.

I guess I will just hope for the best. Apparently they are painting the baby's room pink, which is a good sign.

This is baby number three, where babies one and two were boys, hence the pink excitement.

I also have all these other plans, so I'm eager to finish this blasted blanket. I want to make a little jacket for another baby we know, whose parents have done us a favor, and I bought some bargain yarn in pretty browns and greens. It's actually really lovely norwegian yarn that will be really warm -- and I want to make Maddy a sweater out of that -- and I want to make a poncho for Maddy, and a sweater with skulls on the arms for Nora --

So you see I am quite busy. Quite busy indeed.

Here is something I haven't mentioned -- My mom is sick -- in an unspecified way that I don't feel like mentioning, but that is treatable. So I'm going to go visit her, probably in March. I'm a little worried, mostly because she sounds so feeble and pathetic on the phone. This is my mother -- nobody wants their mother to sound all feeble on the phone. People want their mothers to sound sort of brisk and no nonsense in the face of obstacles. I do, anyway. Of course, I would realize that she was feeling worried, etc., even if she wasn't saying it. I would still go to visit.

Anyway -- neither here not there.


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