2004-01-27 - 10:07 a.m.

Okay, I know I've become sort of a knitting lunatic, but his is what I overheard in the cafe this morning:

Girl: mumble mumble mumble.

Boy: Oh, do you like it?

Girl: Yeah --

Boy: Yeah, I put it in the washing machine and the dryer, so it got way smaller, and all the holes got way bigger.

Girl: mumble mumble

Boy: yeah, I have an autumn sweater, and a Christmas sweater --

Girl: mummble mumble --

Boy: Yeah, the autumn sweater has a sort of autumn motif.

We were waiting for the cream to come back, and by this point I like this boy very much. Although he has washed and dried his sweater, it actually looks pretty good. It's an argyll, burgundy and blue on a sort of heathery base. It comes out that he's looking for a reindeer sweater.

How great, to knit sweaters for somebody like that!

OKay -- that's all.

[I'm nearly done with the baby blanket, but have decided to expand it by a third.]

[I'm reading Caramelo, by Sandra Cisneros, which I'm liking. THe girls are both reading To Kill a Mockingbird, which is one of the best books in the world. Nora says it's the first book that everyone in her class has liked. Some things I have noticed:

The narrator is Scout, but a grown-up Scout. There is an interesting contrast between the very complex narration of the narrator (lots of complicated vocabulary and irony going on, lots of holes in the story where the reader is left to surmise) and the inarticulacy of Scout herself.

The narration is Very complicated.

I think that's all part of it, though -- because what it's about is the adult world through a glass darkly -- it's Scout, trying to figure out what the world's about, and we're pretty much right there with her.

So --

Okay. Got to go.

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