2004-01-28 - 11:18 a.m.

Oh, it's the rotten kind of day where I'm busy all day long and have fifty million things to do on top of that.

Oh, well.

I need a sort of parallel life. One of me could get dressed in the morning and go off to work. The other one of me could: exercise 1 hour per day, knit copiously, grocery shop, cook, and perhaps even take up piano! That's really a full day for the both of me -- it's certainly too much for just one of me.

Gardening -- I forgot the gardening.

I finally got to see Nora play basketball last night. She's actually not terrible. She's not one of the stars, but she acquits herself just fine. She sat on the bench for a long time, and then finally she came out and she just looked so beautiful to me.

I think it's because she's my kid.

(By which I mean that I'm partial, not that I have passed my excessive beauty on to her.)

She's gotten very tall, though.

Okay -- got to go.


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