2004-02-02 - 9:34 a.m.

Okay, it is completely pouring outside. All the storm drains have overflowed. My feet are soaking. I am wet.

Quite wet.

Maddy's visiting Middle School B today. Nora is being, inexplicably, very nice to her.

We went into the city on Saturday. It was quite fun. We went to the levi's store. I had just heard of NPR that Levi's were tragically unhip, but Nora and her friends seem to find them the height of hipness. I suppose it depends who you ask. They do seem to have some nice shirts ruined by stupid things like cowskulls silkscreened on the back. But the jeans seem to be just what they always were -- jeans.

We took the train. I realize that it's probably actually cheaper to drive, but it's just much better to bart, somehow. It's nice to be done, and then just scoot down into the tube and go home. Hmmm.

Then we knitted a lot.

Okay. Got to go.

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