2004-02-12 - 10:23 a.m.

Oh my god --

So, we survived the science fair -- Nora finished her poster at 1 am this morning. It's good, I think. The hard part was figuring out what to do with the data. She decorated it with color-copied and slightly enlarged real estate cards that looked quite beautiful. And it's done. Life can now continue.

I also survived the visit to Middle School C, and Maddy survived her visiting day there. She thinks she would prefer to go to Middle School B, but C would not be the end of the world. Her friend Z. will probably be there, and she liked the dance class.

So that's all good.

Now we just have to get Nora ready to go to DC. I think she also has to do some free reading, but hopefully that won't be too hard. And Maddy finished easily her 20 note cards on Hawaii for her senior report.

So --

I just need to actually get some work done, and also get the sweater I'm knitting up to the hard part so I can ask for advice on Saturday morning. And Maddy and I are going to look at a place for horse riding lessons on Sunday. And Monday is her birthday. And then we need to figure out if, when and where we're going skiing. And also, I think I will get some gardening done next week when Maddy is home from school.

So --

The science fair project was really the killer.

Okay -- off to resume normal life.

Oh -- also -- Nora has been learning yiddish phrases in preparation for summer camp. Emma and Jonah, two kids from her school, are taking this instruction very seriously. And the A Word A Day list is all about yiddish words this week! Nudnik, and kvell, and today was schmaltz.

And -- I made these really great almond/orange cakes for Maddy's birthday party. And the party went well.

And tonight we have to make valentines.


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