2004-02-13 - 1:11 p.m.

Hey, I am here.

The horrifying week draws to a close. I had to take the car in this morning, and have to pick it up this afternoon, but it should be okay because they said 4:00 would be no problem, which leaves me time to pick N. up, take her to Copelands and Longs and the bank to purchase items necessary for her trip.

It's going to be cold, and possibly rainy.

I'm thinking I might use upcoming week to fix up the front garden. It's just the right time to do it. The tree guy was outside our neighbor's house this morning. They had a spasm about a year ago resulting in all our aged and beautiful camphor trees being cut down. We replaced ours with a cork oak, which is growing really slowly. They got some kind of Australian box, which they've been fretting over because it tips in the wind. (They tend to fret about things.) Anyway, it looks like their box was being replaced with a plum, but the guy said our oak looks fine, and the little sprouts at the bottom are good.

So that's good.

Also, our little tiny California Buckeye has leaves! I think I'd better put some kind of fence around it. It's probably not even a foot tall. I think it will be beautiful, though. In about 50 years.

So --

Not sure what else is new. Someone brought in valentine chocolates. (Ugh. Yum.)

I have latin homework, but have lost my book. (How sad is that?)

My desk looks like the desk of a demented person.

So --

There you have it.



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