February business

2004-02-17 - 10:22 a.m.

Well, I have been extremely busy, but I am here for a few minutes.

Nora went off to DC. Her luggage was lost, and it's been cold and snowy there. The worst part is that her bag was actually found about a half hour after she left the airport, but due to the incompetence of the tour people, the airline was unable to get hold of her.

Of course, if she had called me, I would have called the airline to figure out what was going on and I would have solved it.

But she didn't.

And maybe we've just entered that stage where I don't really intervene any more, and she learns by herself, and the consequence is that she goes four days without luggage, but learns that when your luggage is lost, you have to call the airline frequently.

It's a little frustrating, though.

I think we've found a place for Maddy to take horseback riding lessons, which is very good. We're going to go later today to get her a helmet and boots.

Picture huge sums of cash flowing out of my pockets.

I think it will be great for her, though.

Yesterday was Maddy's birthday, and we mostly did nothing all day. She watched animal planet and we knitted and then we met Kevin for dinner, and came home and had cake and opened presents. It's pretty quiet without Nora, but that's not completely bad.

Tomorrow I think we're going skiing, but the weather is kind of iffy -- it's fairly tempting to just stay home.

But we really shouldn't --

I'm nearly finished with the baby sweater, which lookes pretty nice now that it has a hood and a sleave and a half. And I've got a pretty good plan for Maddy's sweater. I may have said this before, but it's even more true now! Really! And I got some pretty bulky yarn to make a really quick sweater.

You know what else? I got one of those coats. It's a jacket -- it's pretty warm, and it's also waterproof, and I can wear it in the rain, and it's not really heavy. It was on radical sale, so it wasn't too expensive, and it's actually pretty nice to have a jacket. It makes life simpler in many ways.

Okay -- that is all.

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