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2004-02-26 - 10:30 a.m.


I had something important yet whimsical to record, but unfortunately I seem to have forgotten it.

Oh -- I think it was that I like my new jacket. I got it at the Edddie Bauer closeout that's been going on downtown. It's perfect -- it's lightweight, but waterproof, and it has a pleasing quilted lining inside.


I had to Bart in today, because I left the car at the shop. If I were a good and virtuous person, I would have ridden my bike. The weather is vaguely threatening, though, so I had a reprieve. Soon, though. Very soon.

Oh! Maddy had her first horseback riding lesson today and I think it went well. First we gad to go buy boots and a helmet (which was an ordeal, as the shop seems to be open now and then but usually not.) But fortunately, we finally got there when it was open, and they were very nice, and it wasn't even as hideously expensive as I'd expected.

Then we went to the barn, and it was very quiet, and I like the woman who owns the barn and I like Maddy's instructor and Maddy was glowing, and the instructor seemed to like Maddy, too.

So that's all quite good.

Okay, and what else. Mostly I seem to have a shitload of work to do, so I think I will go do it.

Oh -- I started Maddy's sweater. You know, the complicated color one -- and it's going all right. It doesn't seem to be as terrible as I had feared, and even looks frighteningly nice.

So there's that, too.

Okay, then.

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