middle age

2004-03-01 - 10:43 a.m.

Okay, I am on my way out the door to a meeting, so this has to be really quick.


The sweater I am knitting for Maddy looks really good.

I'm worried that I think the people in my knitting group are a buunch of old sticks. Except two of them aren't. But lots of others are. One of them has strong opinions about a) the Chinese and b) midwesterners and c) the color pink. Expressed in a sort of brassy old-lady voice. And she's bossy, and she makes a lot of scarves. Scarves are okay, I guess. (Not really.) Hanging around with her makes that They Might Be Giants song reverberate in my head --"I can't stand her listening to you and your rascist friend."

What else -- we had dinner with some old friends who knew us when we were young and foolish. Now they are still older, and settled in a comfy, gorgeous house. Which, to be fair, is comfy and gorgeous mostly because they are really really good at doing stuff -- he was a contractor and she is extremely handy, plus driven.

Anyway -- it was really nice, but I went back to our hovel and thought -- that's is!

Then I decided I'd rather knit than throw out old toys.

Oh! Got to go --

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