2004-03-04 - 10:40 a.m.

Okay, a better day.

I was desperately worried that we were expecting too much of Maddy, pushing her too much, blah blah blah.

But last night we went to an open house where she demonstrated this (very) basic algebra to us, and knew more than her friend and I realized, okay, she's actually pretty smart.

And this morning I had to wrangle with her to make notecards for her Hawaii report, but actually she's not unthoughtful in her wrangling, and she really was thinking about how to divide them up, etc.

Terribly, so much of all this depends on talking to other parents. You talk to other parents, who tell you their kid is making this great intellectual leap, and you think, "Oh, no! My child is not making any intellectual leaps at all! Perhaps she is more disabled than I have even admitted to myself!"

And why am I so much this way? Why I am so envious of what other people have? My kids are fine. I am fine. My life is even fine -- although it would be greatly helped by a bit more time and a cleaner house. I don't know. I don't want to be envious of other people. I don't want to begrudge others their happiness.

I'm thinking it may just be normal human behaviour plus a bit of thin-skinnedness.

Well, I can think of other things that might contribute -- but those will do well to start with.

And then I went to a talk about the local public high school and its "academic" track and it sounds great -- sounds well thought out, and like it's supported by the current administration (which is apparently a new thing) and I'm quite happy about that for Nora.

So life is not so bad.

Got to go --

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