2004-03-05 - 9:14 a.m.


I have a million things to do, all of which I would like to do, had I any time at all.

Ho hum. We're going skiing this weekend, which will hopefully be fun. We're staying in a funky hotel. The girls are crying, where are the cabins of yesteryear! It's true -- we used to go up to Lassen and stay in the funky hotel up there, which had a cabiny sort of feel. Maybe we can do that again before the season's out. It's cross country up there, but Nora at least thinks she might like that now. And we used to rent houses with friends, but we don't actually see those friends so much any more. And we rented a condo last year with Lynn, but it had a distinctly horrible and condo-ish feel to it.

We could see if other friends might want to rent a house. It's hard to find the right friends, though -- they need to have compatible children and also be people that we (the grown-ups) like, and they have to like skiing.

It can't be that hard, really!

Okay -- I've got to go.

I was going to blither on, about how certain people I encounter daily drive me absolutely bats. Why do they? Why am I so intolerant?

It's someone I work with. I think this person is stupid. This person does not think so at all!


Okay -- I really have to go now.


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