2004-03-11 - 5:11 p.m.

Got to run.

(I sound like my mother)

but it's interesting.

There are people who can annoy the hell out of me -- for various well-justified reasons, actually,

But then they surprise me.

There's a woman I know fairly well -- mother of a kid my kids know. I sort of like her, and I sort of don't.

In certain ways I think she's a little bit snobby, and maybe a little bit overimpressed with status and wealth.

And I'm probably jealous -- she's quite good-looking and artistic and her kid is quite athletic.

But then every once in a while she'll surprise me, with a sympathetic note that was quite perceptive when a bad thing happened to me. Or something like that.

She's often more perceptive than I imagine she can be.

Or she'll be quite open about some awful thing that's happened to her, in a way that a completely status-conscious person wouldn't quite be --

Anyway --

I think she makes me nervous because she's quite a bit cooler than I am --

but actually, it may only be that I perceive her that way.

Sort of like a friend I had in junior high.

Anyway. I'm going nowhere with this, but it interests me.

Okay. I have to go home now.


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