2004-03-12 - 3:35 p.m.

Strangely, it's a very busy day.

--A call from my mother. She's feeling well and wanted to chat. Chat chat chat. I don't really have much to say.

--Several calls from Nora. They want to go to a movie tonight. (Okay.) They want to take the BART to the plaza and have ice cream. (Okay.) Where's the BART ticket. (I called back. She'd found it.) Will any BART do? (Yes, except those going the wrong way.)

--A call from a mother of an ex-friend of Nora's. I always wonder why she's calling. I think she wanted to tell me that her kid had gotten in to School X. (Secretly I'm glad she's not going to school Y with Nora -- they don't hang out much any more, but I sort of have her pegged as a Bad Influence.)

I need a hair cut in the worst possible way.

I'm looking somewhat sharp today, in my personal opinion. I have a black skirt and a matching sort of jacket-y thing. The skirt is the right length. Then I have a turquise t-shirt and these great shoes that are sort of sneakers and sort of pumps. Sort of ironic. Hmph.

Anyway -- I'm still here, and I anticipated that I'd have to leave at noon to prevent the house burning down.


A miracle.



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