how now brown cow?

2004-03-17 - 12:23 p.m.

Okay, Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I'm late, because I had to take Nora to the pediatrician (because she has excema inside her elbow) and then I had to take her to school, and then to get the prescription filled ... But here I am now, which is a good thing, I think.

Poor Martha Stewart! I know she's a bitch, and I know you shouldn't cheat on your stocks, but when you think of all the other people who have done far worse things (Don Cheney springs to mind) and are not in jail -- and then there's this horrible gloatfest. I saw some magazine that said something like "What now, Miss Perfect?"

I mean, really. I like her magazine. I like that color green she seems to foster. I find nothing wrong with treating home management like a business. She's got a great gingerbread recipe. I can enjoy her magazine and not feel too inadequate. I mean, I like to get a bit more sleep than she does, and seem to have a higher tolerance for chaos and mess, but I don't think that makes her an evil person.

I'm honestly thinking of subscribing just out of sympathy.

And also, her daughter seems to like her, so can she really have done everything wrong?

Why don't we have Ken Lay on the cover of people magazine, with the caption, "What now, Fathead?" Or Bush, with "What now, Mindless Dweeb?" I mean, really. "What now, Halliburton Guy?" Or that legislator from Texas who was Mr. Family values until he was discover in bed with his (male) co-worker guy.

Okay -- I really do have some very important stuff to take care of now ...


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