Shaped. Yuck

2004-03-22 - 11:54 a.m.

So --

It was a nice weekend, although as a consequence the house is a disaster.

Saturday I biked to my knitting class, and then Maddy went off to sell earrings at her friend Morgan's church, and Nora and I watched the Apartment. (Which someone told me was good, but really wasn't.) And the Sopranos. Also a sort of grim patch.

It was kind of a grim bit of television.

Then we went skiing with some friends of Nora's yesterday. It was too sunny and too mushy, but still pretty fun. Nora's friend was coerced into taking a lesson -- I think it was pretty fun for Nora. The friend's little sister also learned to ski and took to it like anything. It was fun.

But I'm sleepy.

I got my haircut and I don't like it. Serves me right for going just anywhere, but --

Oh, I don't know.

It's sort of an old-lady hair cut. I guess it will grow.

It's all shaped. Yuck.

Okay. That is all --


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