2004-03-24 - 10:09 a.m.


I've ordered some new yarn to make my nephew a sweater for his birthday. Yellow. Cotton. It was cheap, too -- Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. We'll see what it's like. People had recommended the brown sheep cotton fleece, but they only had a girly yellow -- sort of that lemon yellow that's not lemony at all, if you know what I mean. So --

I now officially have more projects going than I will ever be able to complete. Hmmm.

Nora is worrying about the honors geometry test. It does seem to be a thing to worry about. But she did call Kevin's mother last night to interview her. She has to interview and write biographies of 6 family members. !!! It took her an hour just to talk to Esther. Esther is an interesting person, though. She was a human calculator during the war.

Maddy is not worrying about her Hawai'i paper, but she ought to be.

My hair looks much better today. I washed it, which helped. It's reasserting itself. Also, I am wearing some earrings that Maddy made. They're pretty nice, actually.

And -- I think that may be about it.

The hair is good, though. It is very bad to have bad hair.



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