2004-03-29 - 10:33 a.m.

So --

[That's what my step-father always say. So --]

It was a glorious weekend, weather-wise, and I got a lot of work done on the front yard. I removed many weeds, and planted some flowers.

I'm not entirely sure it's good -- the whole curbstrip is now planted, and I'm not sure it's not too much. But I think I like it, soo --

I think it would be better if there were more low plants. Hmmm.

I think it would be better if it were bigger.

I moved the ballerina rose out to the curbstrip, and I planted a lovely Tess of the D'Ubervilles right under the window where the ballerina used to be. The ballerina was happy enough, there, but I think she just wasn't really big enough. I am hoping that Tess will be. She'll have bigger, redder flowers.


And the flannel bush is blooming in an almost overwhelming way.

And I planted lots of different kinds of lavenders, and some fescue and some yarrow.

I also have a bunch of hens and chicks to stick in.

So it's good.

Topic B. Maddy and her friends are planning this trip to Santa Cruz, which is a complete pain in the butt. I know I am really a bad mother in this one particular way, but I do hate it when annoying activities are planned. I guess what I particularly don't like is being presented with a fait accompli. Here -- they're going to Santa Cruz on a Monday and a Tuesday, and you are going, too. But! I have to work! If they go on a Monday and a Tuesday, that means Maddy will miss those days at a camp I will have to pay for by the week!

Oh, but it has to be those days because otherwise the boardwalk will be crowded, and Z. might have a softball tournament.

No, I certainly don't want Z. to miss her softball tournament. I would really like to give up my entire summer vacation so that Z. can leave her weekends open for softball tournaments.


I think the solution is to let Z.'s mother go with them. I know she's slightly insane, but --

Oh, and now S.'s mother is piping up that they ought to be doing something

"service-oriented" and not just pampering themselves.

Holy mother of christ.

Anyway -- actually, after a flurry of emails, it seems it is settled. I'll stay one night. Someone else will stay another. No service-related activities in sight.

What else. Oh, I got new curtains for the living room! They are lovely -- sort of a gold-ish color with palm trees. I love them! Kevin says they are old-lady curtains. I think it's possible that I actually have old-lady tastes. Anyway -- I think it's the spring, but our house is feeling a great deal more tolerable than it has in recent times. It needs painting, and it still really needs a thorough cleaning, but it was actually pleasant to hang around the house, and that's a good thing.

And finally, Nora has a behemoth of a math test today. Ugh. Keep your fingers crossed.


Okay -- goodbye, then.

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