2004-03-30 - 10:40 a.m.

Ugh. An awful sort of day, I'm not quite sure why.

Nora thinks she failed the hon. geometry test. This would be sad. I'm not sure I could talk her into the class, although I would try. The math department is fairly notorious, though, and seems predisposed to regard parents as meddling busybodies. So that's not good.

Maddy was in a snit over this Santa Cruz thing -- I think she was feeling that she has raised less money than the others, and then pressured by us, who thought she had perhaps contributed more than the others. So we added it all up, and she seems to be exactly on target.

The trouble is, her friends are all organizers, and she's not, and then she feels frazzled by the whole thing.

To be blunt, at least two of those girls are downright bossy, and the other two are much more organized than she is. So she hardly has a chance.

But she has earned at least her share, and probably a little more. And I managed to demonstrate to her that this was so.

So --

What else -- oh, it's freezing again, and I'm wearing an awful pair of pants and I have to go out to a businessy lunch.

Oh, and my awful brother. He's a sort of landscape designer. Actually, he's mostly a flake. But we have some stuff we need done, and Kevin thought we shoud ask him, so we did, a YEAR ago, and he said sure, and then did nothing. So finally I called him last night and talked to his boyfriend and told him we'd found someone else, and his boyfriend (who at this point I don't really like very much, either) said, Oh, I told him he should go over, but he wouldn't do it --

It was a mistake to ask him to do it for all kinds of reasons. Largely because he is a flake, which I know and have always known, and now there's going to be this thing where he won't want to call us and will feel bad, etc. And honestly, I am slightly pissed off -- I wish he would have said, "I can't do this," and we would have found someone else.

And then I guess I'm mad at Kevin, too, for accusing me of being just like my brother. "Disfunctional," is I believe the word he used.

Which, as I think about it, pisses me off more and more.

You see where this is leading.

I am annoyed at my brother, though. (I am also really annoyed at Kevin -- I don't say stupid things like that to him, and it's not that I couldn't.) And I'm glad he's not going to do anything to our house, because I think his designs have a tendency to be fussy.

So there. No wonder I'm in a bad mood.

And, I'm going to plant even more roses, and they are going to snake out and snarl unwary pedestrians, and when Kevin complains, I will say, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Well, no wonder I feel so crappy.

Bye, then.

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