Ho hum

2004-04-07 - 11:29 a.m.


I have a little headache. I think I need to go down and get a cup of tea, although actually, I suppose it is really lunchtime.

We went skiing again. We left Sunday evening and came home Tuesday evening. It was, eventually, pretty fun, although it took a while for it to be fun. Maddy didn't want to go, because she was supposed to go count money with her friends on Monday. I called and rescheduled that, but it still worried her. She is very very worried lately, which I don't think is a great thing. I think she worries about school work, which it's hard for her to get done, and then that makes her feel that she has no rights. She just wants to go unnoticed and stir up no trouble. Which is really no way to live.

Then there is just the generic grumpiness.

But then we got over it, and really had quite a bit of fun the second day. Maddy remembered that she is actually a good skier. Nora is working on her skills. We somehow all had a good time, and no one wanted to leave when it was time to go. AND we managed to get home in plenty of time for Nora to get to her seder, and Maddy to get to her piano lesson.

And so today, Nora is off at a playday at school (which means there is no school, but they have day care) and Maddy is probably being picked up by Kevin at this very minute and taken to Morgan's house to count money. And then I will go pick her up from Morgan's house and take her to her riding lesson --

And there you have it.

Ho hum.

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