2004-04-09 - 9:11 a.m.


I'm feeling very chatty this morning, which I think is a good sign.

Triplets of Belleville. Hmmm. Good, I guess, although very very odd.

Then we went to the potluck dessert night for Nora's trip to DC. Well, Nora and I went. It was fun. We went with thte neighbors across the street. Nora's friend K. did not go, I think because she had a sort of rotten time.

It's a weird thing. K. is extremely gorgeous, in this sort of tall, blonde, scandinavian way. She's also pretty much a nice kid, although I hear rumors that she can be sort of mean upon occasion. But what seems to happen is that all these boys fall in love with her, because she really is very beautiful, and then are upset when she's not really in love with them. And, being rather young, I don't think they or she really know how to handle the whole thing and it ends badly. But this time, they were all kids from a different school, and then apparently all the girls got mad at her, too, and then she was quite upset.

Obviously, I don't know the whole story, but it seems like more of a burden than a gift, being very beautiful. I mean, who is really ready for that kind of attention? And, it's not really K. that they're falling in love with, and that must be a little wierd, too.

Clearly, this has never been a problem for me, but since it's happened to K. it's made me think about things a little differently.

I think my neighbor had a slightly different take on the whole thing --

Anyway. Then I actually talked with another woman -- the mother of one of Nora's friends from school. (This is confusing, but let's call the girls across the street Annabel. Annabel and Nora have been good friends since they were 4, but they do not go to the same school. Most of the kids on the trip were from Annabel's school. I think 6 were from Nora's) I like her a lot. Her kid seems quite sensible, and she seems quite sensible, too, although somewhat reserved. She was telling me the terrible story of her son, who spent the summer after 8th grade studying political science -- reading Marx and Hegel -- and then went to the local public high school and had absolutely no one to talk to. So they transferred him to a school with a somewhat more academic atmosphere, but there he's having trouble because he doesn't want to do the assignments (they are boring) and they (the school) are angry with him because he got the highest verbal score in the history of the school on his PSATs, but he is failing because he won't do the assignments! (Frankly, I think they should question their assignments, not him.) It reminds me a little bit of Kevin's brother, who dropped out of college, causing his parents no end of grief, to go work on a farm. But when he'd figured out what he wanted to do, he went back, and went to grad school, and is now a professor. (But thinking of doing something else, if he can find the exact thing he wants to do.) And apparently this boy's father is a professor in the education dept. where he studies measurement and evaluation. "Oh, no!" I said, and she said, "yes, there are whole sides to this story that I'm not even telling you."

Anyway -- with any luck, it will turn out very well, but in the meantime, I believe he is driving them absolutely crazy.

So -- that was all kind of fun.

Oh, you know what else. I think this riding business is going to be great for Maddy. She went on Wednesday, and Olivia, the girl she has a lesson with, was not there, so Maddy had an hour to herself. And she got to trot! It was very very exciting, and she was so proud of herself, and after the lesson she was sweating, but so very proud of herself. I think it is just the thing. If I'm right, she's going to gain confidence, and get some exercise, and get stronger. Hooray hooray hooray.

In other news, I am eating a cheesboard brioche, but it is not the light and delicious thing you might imagine. On the countrary it is sort of leaden and sticky. Hmmm.


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