2004-04-12 - 10:55 a.m.

Strange -- I did not have spring break last week, but it actually feels like I did.

Poor little children had to be rousted from their beds this morning, and the prospect of homework tonight has them all discouraged.

It was a lovely easter weekend. Saturday I went to my knitting class and learned three new ways of casting on, two of which are better than the way I've been using. Then I went to See's, for supplies, and Longs and Ross, too. and to the farmers market where I got three pints of amazing strawberries. And some books. For some reason, lost in the mists of time, the easter bunny always brings books at our house. This year he brought Nora a new copy of Catch-22 and something by the author of Ella Enchanted. He brought Maddy a short Marguerite Henry book about a mule. (She just finished Justin Morgan has a horse, which she loved.) Anyway, when I came home on Saturday Nora was reorganizing her room! She got rid of a dusty chair, whcih was probably a good idea. And then on Saturday and Sunday everybody read. Nora reread Ella Enchanted, and something called Saffy's Angel, and that other Princess book, and she's rereading a tree grows in Brooklyn. Maddy finished Justin Morgan and Ella Enchanted -- I was amazed -- I didn't realize she could read so fast. But she can!

I actually think school is sort of a disaster for her -- it seems to undermine her confidence. It seems to sort of pester her to death.

She's much more capable and happy when she doesn't go to school.


Anyway -- then we went to my brother's house for dinner, which was also nice. He has a rather complicated family situation. He's gay, and he lives with a guy (a nice guy, actually -- the nicest guy he's ever lived with, I think. Sort of a boring guy, but boring in a good way -- he's from Ohio, he collects old photographs and dishes, has his grandmother's old thunderbird out in the garage, and doesn't eat lots of things, like strawberries and asparagus. He's kind of cute --) but he has two kids with a lesbian couple. I like the lesbian couple, but they are a little complicated. They're pretty serious about doing things unconventionally. I don't know -- they seem a little prickly, but maybe they aren't as prickly as I think. It comes up mostly at holidays, because you always think you should see family at holidays, but they're Jewish. Which doesn't matter to us, but does, I think, to them.

We always invite them for Christmas, and they come, but I think they actually hate it. We'll have to figure out some way of making it not so awful this year, if we can.

Anyway -- long way around of saying that they weren't around yesterday, and it was actually sort of nicer.

Maybe it's just that my brother was more relaxed -- he gets fairly nervous at these events.


Anyway -- and here I am. Practically time to go! Ho hum.


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